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Calculate and compare monthly costs for Third Party Processors like 2CheckOut, Affero, BTClick&Buy, CCAvenue, CCBill, CCNow, ClickBank, DigiBuy, DigitalCandle, eCommerceGlobal, ECS World, FastPay, iBill, iKobo, ImagineNation, InstaBill, InterBill, JensleyPAY, Jettis, Kagi, MembershipPlus, MerchantBoss, Moneybookers, MultiCards, MyPaySystems, NoChex, PartyKey, Pay-Line, Paymate, PayPal, PaySat, Process54, ProPay, Reg.Net, RegNow, RegSoft, setSystems, Share*It, StormPay, SWREG, TransactIndia, Transecute, V-Share, Verotel, VolPay, Yahoo! PayDirect and over a dozen representative merchant account providers including AMS, Cardservice International,,, Del West Netcom, ECS World, Electronic Transfer Inc., ePagos,  goEMerchant, Internet Marketing Center, Merchant Accounts Express,, MerchantAccounts4Less, PayQuake,  Perfect Presence, United Bank Card UBC, VolPay and others.





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Review Selected Third Party Processors IPSP's * Is PayPal the Best Alternative for You? 

Depending on your monthly sales volume, you may be surprised to discover that PayPal may not be the lowest cost alternative for you!   In some cases, Moneybookers, InstaBill,

 or other providers may be lower. Nearly every Third Party Processor or Internet Payment Service Provider (IPSP)  on the web,is already listed in this database.  

Several have a complex rate scheme of at least two tiers of rates or fees. More details about rates and features for many of these 3rd Party Processors can be seen at the Maculator Home page.

 Selected 3rd Party Credit Card Processors

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